About This Blog

I am the proud guardian of seven cats. As such, I use dozens of cat products every week. I started Extreme Cat Lady as a way to share my (our) experiences with these products with a wider audience of cat lovers, who like me may have one or more feline companions who do not exactly fit into the profile of Cat Fancier magazine. The writing, video and images in this blog are all an honest accounting of my (our) experience using these products in a typical way, usually as suggested by the manufacturer. Entertaining the reader and providing some idea about how my cats respond to these products is my final goal. I am not here to endorse any company or product and am not compensated for my reviews. Any relationship with a product’s maker will be disclosed at the start of the product’s review posting.

Readers should remember that all cats are different, and their feline friend’s experience may not be the same as mine/ours!


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