Extreme Cat Lady: What We’re About and What’s to Come!

Welcome to the inaugural post on Extreme Cat Lady, which I hope will become your weekly go-to for reviews and commentary on cat products for every budget–a house party for your cat!

I want to make it clear that at Extreme Cat Lady, we’re all about the cat’s point of view. If a toy that’s billed as “driving them crazy!” barely makes the Team get off the couch, you’ll get the unvarnished truth here. Same deal if a $2 toy from the big box store turns out to be the Best Toy Ever (for at least 20 minutes, the Team has a short attention span).

six featured cats

Your Extreme Cat Lady team, demonstrating their incredible powers of focus.

We want to give you our very best estimate of what your cats will love, and highlight any concerns, questions, or potential problems so they can play, eat, climb and snooze in complete safety.  Crazy Cat Lady does not manufacture or sell products, and we don’t review items in return for compensation outside of samples to run by the team. So you and your kitty can count on an unbiased and honest examination of everything we write about.

That also means we really can’t help you if your cat doesn’t like a toy the Team recommended, or if you’re having problems ordering an item we recommended here. For the most part, we will always include active and reputable sources for the products we examine, but we can’t be held responsible for the problems of individual suppliers or the performance of the Internets.

That’s our introduction. I hope you enjoy being here. Please share and like and do all that groovy social media stuff so Extreme Cat Lady can grow and grow!


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